Okenite is a member of the Zeolite group and a very unique mineral; it typically forms rounded “cottonball” clusters whose crystals are so thin they appear to be tiny fibers. Its colors are relegated to white and colorless, and it exhibits a resinous to silky luster. Note: Avoid any Okenite specimens that are, in fact, colored. These are all fake; the bright colors are the result of artificial dyes. There are no exceptions. This unique mineral is associated with other numerous quality and contrasting minerals, including Gyrolite, Prehnite, Apophyllite, Calcite, Quartz and other Zeolites.

The crystal system for Okenite is triclinic, typically forming rounded fibrous “cottonball” clusters, often in large masses of intersecting clusters. These clusters commonly form in cavities and vugs (this particular form is very aesthetic and provides natural protection for the mineral crystals).

Quality Natrolite specimens are found in limited localities, including Chile, Greenland, India, Ireland and New Zealand.

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