Apophyllite is a mineral classic, an “adopted” member of the Zeolite group, and very popular among mineral collectors. It has great appeal, pastel colors, a gemmy to pearly luster, striking and diverse crystal habits, numerous associations with other quality minerals, abundant quantities of quality specimens, and surprising affordability. Its color is green, pale-yellow, pale-blue, reddish, white and colorless; typically transparent to translucent. Those aforementioned associations include Quartz, Heulandite, Stilbite, Natrolite, Cavansite, Calcite and many other Zeolites. Note: I will continue to use the familiar mineral name Apophyllite versus the three IMA approved sub-groups. 

The crystal system for Apophyllite is tetragonal, commonly forming cubic-shaped crystals with distinctive triangular corners, in perfect pseudocubic (rectangular) crystals, as well as prismatic pyramidal crystals that are usually doubly terminated. Some crystals can be extremely large. Other forms include tabular, platy clusters, druzy, striated and stalactitic. A unique habit is found in radiating sprays of flattened crystals resembling disco balls, thus: “Disco Ball” Apophyllite.

Apophyllite is found worldwide, while quality specimens are found in limited localities, including Germany, India, South Africa and the USA (New Jersey).

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