Quartz Varieties

Quartz Varieties include numerous Quartz mineral specimens in a wide spectrum of colors and crystal formations. Quartz varieties are diverse; you’ll find many of these specimens available below and on adjacent pages, including these popular Quartz varieties and colors:
Rock Crystal Quartz: The name for clear, colorless Quartz-void of any inclusions or impurities.
Milky Quartz: White coloring due to microscopic inclusions of gas during crystal formation.
Smoky Quartz: Light-brown to dark brown coloring due to natural irradiation.
Rose Quartz: A pink color, usually in large masses, rarer in crystallized form.
Citrine: Pale to dark yellow colors, quite rare – most Citrine is heat-treated Amethyst.
Ametrine: Combination of Amethyst and Citrine, alternating colors of purple and yellow.
Red Quartz: Reddish coloring due inclusions of red Hematite.
(I discuss and offer Amethyst [purple] Quartz under its own category Quartz/Amethyst due to its immense popularity and world-wide availability.)

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