Stibnite (antimony sulfide) is the primary ore of Antimony. It is an opaque, steel gray to silver, lustrous metallic mineral that forms some of the most unique and spectacular crystal clusters in the mineral world. Its long, slender crystals grow out in all directions, with multiple metallic facets reflecting light indiscriminately; some crystals even bending and curving along their length. It’s a favorite for all collectors. It also pairs with numerous other exceptional minerals, including Calcite, Quartz, Barite, Pyrite and Fluorite.

The crystal system for Stibnite is orthorhombic, typically in long and slender prismatic crystals, often densely grouped in radiating and reticulated groupings, and striated. Single crystals can be quite large, resembling a sword; thus the term “Stibnite Sword”. Other forms include acicular clusters, encrusting, bent or curved crystals due to twinning, bladed and massive.

Stibnite is a relatively common mineral. Notable locations for quality specimens include Austria, Bolivia, Czech Republic, China, Romania, Italy, Peru and the USA (Nevada).

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