Native Copper (native; found in a chemically uncombined state) is an element and a mineral; as an element it meets the criteria of a mineral. It is one of the few metals that occur naturally in nature that can be used right from the ground, unlike most metals that require extraction from an ore. It is commonly reddish-brown in color, tarnishes (oxidizes) to the color green (think of the Statue of Liberty), and exhibits a metallic luster. It is found in association with numerous minerals, including Cuprite, Calcite, Malachite, Silver, Quartz and Chrysocolla.

The crystal system for Copper is isometric. Crystals, which are rare, are usually cubic or dodecahedral with modified faces. Other forms include massive, flattened, scales, dendrites (branching formations) and wires.

Copper is found in numerous localities around the world. Notable localities include Australia, China, Morocco, Namibia, Russia and the USA (Michigan, Arizona).

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