Wulfenite is popular among mineral collectors for its outstanding crystals and crystal clusters, and above all, its vibrant red-orange color. It is a secondary mineral associated with the oxidized zone of lead deposits, used as a minor ore of Lead and Molybdenum. In addition to red-orange, it’s also yellow, honey yellow and orange yellow, and exhibits a vitreous luster. This colorful mineral pairs up with numerous aesthetic minerals, including Mimetite, Calcite, Quartz, Barite, Pyromorphite, Malachite and Fluorite.

The crystal system for Wulfenite is tetragonal, famously forming thin tabular crystals with a square or octagonal shape. Other forms include flaky, platy aggregates, and bipyramidal crystals.

Wulfenite is common worldwide. Notable localities for quality specimens include Austria, China, DR Congo, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia and the USA (Arizona).

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