Scheelite is an important ore of Tungsten, and with its color and remarkable crystals, it is important to collectors as well. It has a wide variety of colors including yellow, orange, brown, gray and white with an adamantine to vitreous luster. It is also a fluorescent mineral. Crystals that are suitably transparent and free of flaws are occasionally found in the gem/jewelry trade. This exceptional mineral has numerous mineral associations, including Quartz, Muscovite, Fluorite, Calcite and Ferberite.

The crystal system for Scheelite is tetragonal, typically forming as dipyramidal, pseudo-octahedral or twinned crystals. Other forms include tabular, columnar, granular, encrusting and massive.

Quality Scheelite specimens are found in limited locations, including Brazil, China, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea and the USA (California, Connecticut).

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