Roselite is a beautifully colored and lustrous mineral whose color ranges from rose-red to pink with a vitreous luster. At first glance it would appear to be quite obvious that its name came from its color. In fact it is named for an eighteenth century mineralogist, Gustav Rose (I agree, it’s a bit disappointing . . . ). Its colors, luster and crystalline form make it a popular mineral for collectors, and though its scarcity makes it a challenge to find quality pieces, it is certainly worth the effort. It is often paired with various quality minerals, including Calcite, Quartz , Dolomite and Erythrite.

The crystal system for Roselite is monoclinic, often occurring in small prismatic to tabular crystals, crusts, botryoidal masses and spherical aggregates.

Roselite is found in limited localities, including Australia, Germany and Morocco.

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