Pyromorphite is a secondary mineral found in the oxidized zones of Lead deposits and is a member of the Apatite group. It’s a colorful mineral, typically light to dark green, as well as yellow, orange and brown with sub-vitreous to resinous luster. It is a highly collectable mineral found in most collections. It often occurs in association with Quartz, Wulfenite, Barite, Malachite, Galena and Fluorite to name a few.

The crystal system for Pyromorphite is hexagonal, often forming barrel shaped hexagonal crystals typically grouped together in branch-like aggregates. Other forms include radiating, reniform, botryoidal, acicular and encrusting.

Quality specimens of Pyromorphite are found in various locations, including Australia, China, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the USA (Idaho, Pennsylvania) and Zambia.

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