Kyanite, named from the Greek term cyanos, which means deep blue, is one of the more aesthetic and collectable blue minerals in nature. With its intense deep-blue color, vitreous luster, long bladed crystals and relative abundance, it is a mainstay in most collections. It is typically found paired with clear to white Quartz, adding beautiful contrast to its aesthetic appeal. In addition to the color blue, though less common, it can also be colored pink, orange and black. An especially unique characteristic to this mineral is that it is anisotropic: Exhibiting properties with different values when measured in different directions. Kyanite has a hardness of 4.5 parallel with the long side of the crystal, but a hardness of 6.5 perpendicular to the long side.

The crystal system for Kyanite is triclinic, typically forming long, slender bladed crystals, often in crystal groups. Other forms include radiating, in veins, reticulated and tabular.

Kyanite is a common mineral found throughout the world. Notable localities include Brazil, Kenya, Nepal, Russia, Switzerland, Tanzania and the USA (Connecticut, North Carolina).

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