Fuchsite, also known as Chrome Mica, is a Chromium rich variety of the mineral Muscovite, belonging to the Mica group. The addition of Chrome is what gives this mineral its color, from light-green to emerald-green. It also displays a vitreous to pearly luster. It is associated with numerous minerals, including Quartz, Pyrite, Kyanite, Ruby and Corundum. Fuchsite found in Phyllites (foliated metamorphic rock composed of flake-shaped Mica minerals in parallel alignment) and Schists (foliated metamorphic rock composed of plate-shaped mineral grains large enough to see with the unaided eye) is known as Verdite.

The crystal system for Fuchsite is monoclinic, often found in “books” or minute micaceous aggregates with rhombic or hexagonal outlines.

This green Mica is found throughout the world. Notable localities include Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Sweden and numerous USA localities.

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