Cyanotrichite is a rare and very aesthetic mineral with its sky-blue/azure-blue color and silky luster. It is a secondary Copper mineral found in the oxidation zones of Copper-bearing ore bodies. Also referred to as Velvet Copper, this mineral is often paired and associated with Brochantite, Malachite, Azurite, and Gypsum to name a few. Though popular with collectors, this colorful mineral is not suitable as a gem.

The crystal system for Cyanotrichite is monoclinic, typically forming groups of radiating or acicular crystals. Also in small rounded aggregates of miniature, fibrous crystals, as plush, wool-like needle groupings, as encrusting aggregates of tiny needles, and in botryoidal groups.

Cyanotrichite is found in limited localities, including Chile, China, France, Romania and the USA (Arizona).

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