Crocoite is a rare, popular and fascinating mineral. Its striking red (red-orange) color, forests of long slender crystals and its brilliant adamantine luster makes it a must for collectors. Originally referred to as Red Ore, this mineral was once underwhelming, only found in a few localities with small crystals. Then the recent finds on the island of Tasmania, Australia brought this mineral to center stage with abundant, large, brilliant crystallized specimens beyond anything found previously.

The crystal system for Crocoite is monoclinic, forming slender prismatic to acicular crystals with a nearly square outline. These crystals are elongated and striated, often with modified terminations that are hollow or incomplete. Commonly found in reticulated aggregates, radial sprays and randomly intergrown aggregates.

Quality specimens of Crocoite are limited to very few localities, including Australia (Tasmania), Brazil and Russia.

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