Celestine (also referred to as Celestite) is a very popular mineral with collectors. Its signature sky-blue color and lustrous crystals makes it into virtually every collection. In addition to sky-blue, other colors include pale red, pale green, light brown, grey, white and colorless. Crystals may also be multi-colored with light-blue on one end and colorless on the other. It is named after the Latin word “caelestis” – of the sky, referencing the sky-blue color commonly displayed by its crystals. It often occurs in association with Calcite, Fluorite, Sulphur, Barite and Quartz to name a few.

The crystal system for Celestine is orthorhombic, forming as prismatic and tabular crystals. Other forms include massive, radiating, grainy nodular, botryoidal, fibrous and crystallized Geodes.

Quality Celestine specimens have been found in numerous localities worldwide, including Canada, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the USA (Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York), and huge Geodes from Madagascar.

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