Atacamite is a relatively rare mineral, a secondary copper mineral formed through the oxidation and weathering of primary copper minerals. In fact, due to this alteration, traces of this mineral have been found on brass and copper antiques, and even the Statue of Liberty! It was first discovered in deposits in the the Atacama Desert of Chile, thus the name. It is bright green, emerald green to blackish-green, transparent to translucent with a glassy, vitreous luster, often occurring in association with Cuprite, Brochantite, Malachite and Chrysocolla.

The crystal system for Atacamite is orthorhombic, forming slender, prismatic crystals. Other forms include tabular, granular, fibrous and massive.

Atacamite is found in limited localities, including Australia, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Peru and the USA (Arizona).

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