Amazonite (Microcline Feldspar)

Amazonite (Microcline Feldspar) is the blue-green variety of Microcline, a member of the Feldspar group which makes up half the material in the Earth’s crust. Sometimes referred to as Amazon Stone or Amazon Jade, it’s interesting to note that there are no known sources of this mineral in any of the Amazon’s jungles or rivers. Rather, the name Amazonite was used purely as a marketing tool. Other names include Pike’s Peak Jade or Colorado Jade – now that makes a lot more sense. Moving on – Amazonite is used as a semi-precious gem in the gem/jewelry trade, more often as cabochons and beads due to its relative softness (6 on the Moh’s hardness scale). Well formed crystals of this Microcline variety are highly sought after by collectors – some of the most iconic and aesthetic specimens featuring Amazonite paired with Smoky Quartz are found in Colorado, USA.

The crystal system for Amazonite (Microcline Feldspar) is triclinic, most often in prismatic crystals, which can be exceptionally large in size. Other forms include tabular, twinning, crystal clusters and massive.

Amazonite (Microcline Feldspar) is found in a few various locations. Notable locations include Brazil, Madagascar, Russia and USA (Colorado).

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