Adamite is a secondary mineral that occurs in the oxidized zone of Zinc deposits. In its pure state, it is colorless, however, it normally presents a yellow color as a result of the presence of Iron. Various shades of green also occur due to the presence of Copper, and even pink to purple due to Cobalt. These colors, along with its vitreous and adamantine luster, make this mineral a favorite among collectors. It often occurs in association with Azurite, Calcite, Limonite, Smithsonite, Hemimorphite and Aragonite to name a few.

The crystal system for Adamite is orthorhombic, often in druzy-like clusters of short, stubby crystals, and occasionally as groups of elongated prisms. Other forms include acicular, radiating and smooth botryoidal masses.

Adamite is found in limited localities, including China, Mexico, Namibia, Russia and the USA (Colorado).

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