Mineral Misc

Mineral Misc is one of those categories that is the holding place for those items that just don’t quite fit the mold of a mineral. In fact, one of the mineral misc items is Obsidian, which is volcanic glass formed when igneous (molten) rock cools so quickly that the atomic structure is unable to organize and crystallize. So it’s a rock, but a rock has numerous minerals present, but there are no minerals since they were all melted together, but it’s not a mineral either – so let’s call it a “mineraloid.” Not making that up. And thus the “Misc” category. Add to that Dendrites, Amber, Opalized Ammonites, Coprolite (dino poo) and even custom made Mineral Specimen Stands. And more. You just might discover something new, intriguing, useful and even amazing. Enjoy!

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