Uvarovite is the rarest member of the Garnet group. Unlike the other members of the diverse group, this variety is the only consistently green Garnet variety, and boasts a very aesthetic and striking emerald-green color. Specimens of this mineral are highly sought after for their lustrous, dense deep-green druzy coatings on matrix. It is occasionally associated with Diopside, Quartz, and Calcite.

The crystal system for Uvarovite is isometric, almost exclusively in druzy groupings of dodecahedra crystals. Since it is extremely rare for this Garnet variety to form large enough crystals, let alone sufficiently transparent to produce even a small gemstone, it is not considered a gem-quality Garnet.

Uvarovite is rare, and limited in its occurrences. These few notable locations include Finland, Russia and the USA (Colorado).

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