Fluorite is a very common mineral that is extremely popular among collectors because of its numerous crystal forms and varied, rich colors. However, in its pure form, this mineral is colorless. The numerous colors are the result of various impurities and inclusions. In fact, this aesthetic mineral occurs naturally in all colors of the spectrum, including the more prevalent colors purple, green, blue and yellow. In addition, it is often found to have multicolored and banded formations – the variations are endless. Fluorite also displays a unique feature derived from its own name called fluorescence; that is, when a mineral is illuminated with ultraviolet light, it display a distinct glowing effect.

Fluorite is commonly found to produce cubic and octahedral (diamond shaped) crystal formations, all part of the Isometric (or cubic) crystal system. However, there is an almost endless variety of simple and complex combinations of these crystal systems, presenting a very diverse crystallography for this amazing mineral. Yet another unique feature of this mineral is its cleavage: It exhibits perfect cleavage in four directions to form octahedrons. And although this mineral produces gem-like crystals, it’s not a preferred choice for the gem trade due to its relative softness (4 on the Mohs hardness scale).

Fluorite is a common mineral found all over the world, with notable locations including China, Namibia, the UK, and the USA (Tennessee) to name just a few.

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